Private Suite

Prana Spas Luxurious Private Suite – intimate indulgence surrounded by luxury. Choose from any of our perfectly designed Private Suite Spa Indulgences or customize your own experience. You may also choose to simply lounge, feast or soak – contact Spa Reservations for more information on our luxurious Private Suite.

Modern amenities meet the decadent mysteries of the most exotic era in history. Leave your inhibitions behind and allow your imagination free reign as you journey back to ancient Persia, Egypt, India, Morocco and the Middle East.

You will be spoiled with the riches of Kings and Queens as your soles tread upon plush carpets from Persia, your pallet will savour the aromatic and exotic flavours and your body will be pampered and attended to like royalty using only the finest in luxuries such as 24 Karat Gold and Genuine Pearl Powder. Upon this magic carpet ride you are the King and Queen, your wish is our desire to deliver.

Private Suite Gold Infused Massage Oils, the ultimate in luxury…all “Private Suite” massage oils are 24 Karat Gold infused and are created from a blend of sweet almond oil, vitamin E and 100% pure essential oils. The oils are rich in protein and vitamins, reconditioning the skin and the gold is calming and stimulating, thus improving and preserving the skin’s elasticity.

In addition to these self indulging exclusive packages we offer an a la carte spa menu for you to create your own piece of luxury along with an exceptional canapé and drinks menu featuring a selection of fine champagne, red and white wine.

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